Give your home the WOW factor… Tartan and Plaid carpets

Have you ever seen a Tartan Plaid carpet and thought wow? Surely you have! They add that look tTartanhat invariably makes people say wow! Whether it’s for a functional hallway, stairs, a dining room or lounge. Tartan Plaid adds colour and style to any area.

We now have available a wide range of quality tartan and plaids to suit all budgets and needs. Whether its bleach cleanable Tartan Plaid, or a more luxurious wool Tartan Plaid we have all qualities covered! If it’s the more striking colourful look, or the more subtle tones your wanting we have

We can make a runner of your choice of Tartan Plaid to either minimise waste or make a feature to compliment the main area of Tartan Plaid.

Go on be brave Tartan Plaid up your home; you know you want to…

Call in store soon and we’ll show you the full Tartan Plaid collection, probably the largest selection in North Wales