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First remove, as far as possible, surface substances with a spoon. Immediately, wet a teacloth, wring it out and place over the stain. When the teacloth dries out, keep replacing it with a clean one until the stain comes out. Then, spray with water and thoroughly wipe with wide sweeping strokes.


  • Rug wear is inevitable, but frequently rotating your rug 180° will help equalize the effects of wear.
  • Moths are another threat to a rug’s longevity. To protect it, move your rug from time to time, and keep it exposed to air and light.
  • Continual exposure to sunlight will eventually cause a rug’s colors to fade and make the fabric brittle. Display your rug in such a way that it is protected against too much sunlight.
  • If you intend to store a rug for an extended length of time, make sure that the rug is clean. It should be treated with moth repellent prior to storage and should be rolled tightly. Wrap the rug in a cloth or a sheet, do not use plastic because the rug needs to breathe. Store in a dry, cool well ventilated area to avoid mildew or heat damage.

Gaskins purchase direct from the importers along with many other specialists.

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