The beauty of nature in your home… Sisal Seagrass, Wool, Bamboo…

Sisal seagrass, wool and bamboo are all beautiful in nature and in your home.
If you appreciimageate the beauty, look and feel of nature then you’re sure to want the natural comforts that a Sisal Seagrass, Bamboo, or wool flooring can give you and your home! The softness and comfort of a wool carpet or rug, goes hand in hand with durability and luxury. Along with the almost never ending choice of colours, tones and styles… Plain, tweed / heather, textured, herringbone, stripes and even tartan or plaid. If your home affords a more contemporary look then a Sisal seagrass Boucle may be just the thing. With a range of Sisal Seagrass runners for Halls or stairs, these can add texture and colour, really giving your home the WOW factor! Or a Sisal Seagrass basketweave would give an area a more rustic effect. Bamboo blended yarn can give a sumptuous luxury to any room! Now that we have extended the range of naturals in our showroom we’re sure to have a style, colour and tone to suit your home. At all times understanding your budget needs along with requirements of fitting, underlays etc. We can also offer a removal service and furniture move and put back service, after all you’ve done the hard work choosing your flooring. Let us do the rest

We have in stock 100’s of square metres of wool carpets in stock, for immediate delivery and fitting. We have an express delivery service on all our Sisal Seagrass floorings, so we can have your selection on your floor in approximately 10 days, should you wish. We will happily work out your sizes needed either from your measurements or we can arrange to measure for you. Call in store soon and let us show you the sisal seagrass and wool collection!